149 Hayes Memorial Drive & 172 Middlesex Turnpike
Marlborough, MA | 140,000 and Bedford, MA | 140,000

Biomanufacturing & GMP – Thematic investment in two cell and gene therapy biomanufacturing facilities with institutional capital partner

Recognizing the opportunity to construct purpose-built GMP space, The Gutierrez Company sought and successfully obtained all entitlements to re-purpose two Gutierrez Company owned sites we had previously designed for office use. We assembled a team of preeminent engineers and architects in the biomanufacturing space and designed two state-of-the-art facilities. Each facility was supplied with heavy power and water to support a GMP user. With funding from an institutional capital partner, we constructed the speculative core and shell facilities within 15-months despite supply chain delays caused by the global pandemic.

Within six months of core and shell completion, 149 Hayes Memorial Drive was acquired by Moderna. Our longstanding relationship with the municipality facilitated discussions early in the sale due diligence process that led to the approval of a Tax Increment Financing agreement, which was instrumental to the sale.