Since our founding, we have maintained the financial capacity to both invest in our existing assets and capitalize new projects with internally sourced funds. This gives us unique flexibility in the marketplace.

From biomanufacturing facilities that allow for the creation of life saving therapies to research environments that spark discovery, we create bespoke solutions that benefit a broad spectrum of users.

In the workplace environment, we are proud to develop properties that redefine a neighborhood, create jobs and enhance the communities where we work. We understand what tenants need to attract, retain, and inspire their most valuable resource, their employees. Creating world-class campuses and workplace environments for some of the strongest companies-NVIDIA, Raytheon, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Millipore- The Gutierrez Company understands what our clients need and will continue to offer flexible and innovative solutions.

When it comes to industrial real estate, we have focused on the strongest locations and delivering the highest quality facilities in the market. We take a holistic approach to our developments ensuring they exceed operational, sustainability and community goals and allow for efficient user operations.

Our experienced management team and long-standing relationships with clients, lenders, and within the communities we serve, have been key ingredients to our success. We greatly value our relationships and are proud to have earned their trust and confidence through our many decades of working together.

“I would recommend TGC as a partner of choice for the development and construction of a new facility. The organization has been professional, experienced and transparent throughout the course of our project. Your staff is knowledgeable in the life sciences sector and adaptable to changing needs and conditions as evidenced by delivering the project on budget and ahead of schedule during the peak of the pandemic. Your collaborative approach allowed for proactive integration of our specific needs and lead to a very successful outcome for all parties.”

Gil Stevens, Executive Director of Global Engineering, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc


We believe that our environmental, social, and governance initiatives are essential to our success as a company. We are committed to continuing to invest in these areas and to making a positive impact on the world.


Since completing our first LEED certified project in 2004 under version 1.0, The Gutierrez Company has been committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that these efforts benefit all our stakeholders and serve to protect and enhance the communities in which we work and live.

Our approach is to incorporate sustainable practices throughout our portfolio, during the design, construction and asset management periods. This is done through implementation of the latest green technologies, lessons learned, and commissioning and documenting through programs such as LEED.

Some of our specific environmental initiatives include:

  • Using recycled materials in our construction projects
  • Solar panels on our buildings
  • Reducing our water usage
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Supporting sustainable transportation


The Gutierrez Company has a long history of diversity from its initial founding partners to its current leadership. The Gutierrez Company remains committed to meeting the needs of all our stakeholders, including our team members, tenants, investors, partners, and the community. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to creating a thriving and sustainable business.

Some of our specific social initiatives include:

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Supporting community organizations that promote equity and inclusion
  • Investing and supporting education and workforce development
  • Promoting environmental sustainability


The Gutierrez Company is committed to excellence in governance. We believe that strong corporate governance is essential to ensuring the long-term success of our business.

Our governance practices include:

  • A management team with diverse experience and expertise
  • Regular risk assessments
  • Team input on guidance, goals and change implementation


With a collective wealth of decades in the industry, our leadership team brings a dynamic blend of knowledge, innovation, and a proven track record. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate and construction, ensuring unparalleled excellence and success in every project.

Arthur J. Gutierrez, Jr.

Gloria M. Gutierrez

Doug Fainelli

Stephen Brickett

Scott J. Weiss

Israel Lopez

David J. Delaney

Joe Vasapolli

Dan Dedinsky

Jill Libby, CPA

David Tintle

Sarah Dalen

Daniel O’Keefe

Edward M. Scioli

Lisa S. Tarricone